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BonDigi is the programming game of the moment

As I said in my last post, Bon Digi (really Bon Diggy) game is taking over!
When I posted the original announcement on our nonsense mailing list, I didn't know that I would have caused such an incredible activity from our brain cells!

So far, there have been nearly 10 different programming languages versions of Bon Digi game. Languages are: Perl5 (oneliners, scripts and classes), Python, Ruby, Haskell (3 versions!), Perl6, Emacs Lisp, Vim scripting and even CSS!

I will try to post some of these wonderful pieces of fine arts here in the next days.
Stay tuned.

Have you ever heard “Bon Digi”?

It's a game. A crazy one. A really crazy one.
We were doing it friday evening, drinking like nuts, and something in my mind popped up, and I thought:

We should code the algorithm for this game

In fact, it seemed really stupid and obvious. But thinking about it more and more, I discovered that it's not so simple at all…

And if you want to code it elegantly and concisely, you have to think about it for some time.
So, I took this -Ofun opportunity, and turned it, as I promised to Zoso, into a Games::BonDigi CPAN module.