Monthly Archives: March 2008

IE8 Beta

Now that I work for Opera Software, I am somewhat more interested in browsers, standards, W3C working groups and so on… We also have a CTO that worked on (invented?) initial CSS specs.
Of course, new things about competitor browsers are immediately subject to discussions and opinions inside Opera.

The breaking news this morning was that Microsoft released a beta version of Internet Explorer 8. But the really surprising thing is that it seems to pass the ACID2 test, and without any doctype-switching or faking trick.

They just seem to have switched to standards-rendering by default.

Seems impossible?
Let's wait for the final, then… :-)

Win32::API v0.52 released to CPAN

I just released version 0.52 of Win32::API. It should be available at your local CPAN mirror very soon.

This version should play nicer with CPAN testers, since it checks if the OS makes sense before going through Makefile.PL, so no more failures with Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, and such are expected.

Please note that I published 0.51 one hour ago, but it's broken, so I have already scheduled its deletion. Please don't use 0.51.

Enjoy and please report to me any problems you have.

UPDATE: it seems that I screwed up again the META.yml and the dist resulted as UNauthorized because of my inclusion of Devel::AssertOS. Oh well…

Here's a list of latest changes:

2008-03-01 Win32::API v0.52 Cosimo

– Devel::AssertOS was not properly set up in 0.51.

2008-03-01 Win32::API v0.51 Cosimo

– Cleaned up pod docs and clearly stated Win32::API license
– Fixed $$/pid tests for Cygwin
– Now uses Devel::AssertOS to check that we are on a Win32 or Cygwin system. This should ease the work of CPAN testers.

2008-02-23 Win32::API v0.50 Cosimo

– Fixed RT#31702
Thanks to RUrban for supplying the fix.

2008-02-20 Win32::API v0.49 Cosimo

– Fixed the stack cleanup assembler statements for GCC in API.xs, I hope.
– Fixed a Borland C macro definition in API.xs
– Fixed META.yml (stupid me)

2008-02-20 Win32::API v0.48 Cosimo

– Finally applied the cdecl/stdcall patch available since long time
Now Win32::API *can* work with cdecl DLLs.
Fixes RT#32424
and RT#24685
Thanks to Willem Jan Hengeveld (itsme at for his great work. Thanks to JimK for a test case and to BrowserUk and others at PerlMonks for providing me useful information and complaints. :-)

However, still missing some GCC assembler magic for stack cleanup. Any help?

– Clarified licensing info. Yes, Win32::API is available with GPL 2 / Artistic license.