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Long-lived JVM applications memory usage tuning

A few days have passed since the last blog post about jvm memory usage monitoring tools, and I have learned so much about patterns of JVM memory usage and magic flags to use to influence it. I still can’t call myself an expert, but judging from the corpus of stackoverflow posts about jvm and memory, at least I’m not totally clueless. :-)

EDIT: this post has now been further extended and published on the newly published Kahoot engineering blog.

Why is the Sun Java updater so bloody annoying?

I can't really find a reason for this.
The Java updater, this is on Windows, is trying hard to update my JRE installation, without my consent, and by overriding my choice of never auto-updating my system.

What I mean is: I explicitly disabled all automated checks and/or updates performed by this monster, and still it bugs me trying to run the update every day.

Why this has to be so annoying? I hate it. I think last time this happened I removed some registry key or probably used the MS admin console to disable some obscurely named service.

And the worst thing is that I have to waste 10 precious minutes of my life to find how to disable this annoying crap.

Java updater, I seriously hate you.