Monthly Archives: November 2009

The “Gran Torino” of keyboards…

My keyboard

It's not the best keyboard for everyone of course, but it's the best for me. Totally awesome personalized keyboard. It's fully supported by my window manager. I don't understand why everyone coming at my desk refuses to write on it…

It's more than 10 years old. It has served me very well, and has been cleaned extensively 3 or 4 times with full disassembly. Here's my personal ritual. Every day when I'm finished working, I cover it from dust with a special cloth. This cloth has been covering my keyboards since I had my first C64, then C128, Amiga and now this one. :-)

Full picture here.

Ubiquity for Opera, “currency converter” and more…

Today I went back to a project that I really like, Ubiquity for Opera. Usually I do that when I'm annoyed by something (in this case I needed to quickly convert currency amounts), or when I find something funny.

This time, Ubiquity gets some more commands and some updates to existing ones.

  • the isdown command, that checks if a host is up, has been changed to be interactive. This is the first one that I managed to make interactive, as it requires a bit more magic than just opening a browser window.
  • the currency-converter command,
  • the instant-rimshot command

Download Ubiquity for Opera,
or go to the Ubiquity for Opera github repository.

Enjoy :-)

Improved slideshow in Dragonfruit

In the new Dragonfruit release, we also worked on an improved, or completely new, photo album slideshow functionality. This replaced our LightBox based slideshow that worked, but had some quirks here and there.

I think the new slideshow is really awesome, and if you didn't try it yet, you should try it now!.

Take a look at these albums:

by derspecht,

by AgnetaM,

And these are my own :-)

From the 365 group,

And one of my first photo albums on My Opera: