Pimp my Debian

Have you ever reinstalled your workstation and found out that your Perl scripts need a shit load of modules that you don't have anymore? Or maybe on a server?

I have. In such cases you have to:

  • run your script,
  • find out which module is missing,
  • figure out if there's a debian package for it,
  • install the debian package,
  • GOTO 10

Today I was so annoyed and lazy, that I decided to put an end to this madness. So I wrote pimp-my-debian. It's an innocent script that you can run as follows:

$ pimp-my-debian --command 'perl ./myscript'

It will keep running your command (perl ./myscript), reading its output, and if it contains something like Can't locate module Foo/Bar.pm in @INC, or Base class package "Foo::Bar" is empty, it will try to figure out a suitable debian package, install it, and retry your command.

It worked so well that I so want to use it again… :-)
Get pimp-my-debian here and have fun!

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