Find uses of perl 5.10 features in your code: a bit of PPI magic

This morning on IRC we were talking about old perl installations, and how forgetting the use 5.010 but using 5.10 features, for example the // operator, can be a problem.

I suggested maybe using a git hook would be an idea, so I assembled this proof of concept script to test for 5.10-isms but without a use 5.010; statement. It's too long to include here, so I put in on Github (

The script uses the "impossible" PPI module to parse the Perl code and extract information about used operators using PPI::Token::Operator, to catch // or ~~ or similar, and use statements, with PPI::Statement::Include.

It's meant to be run as part of a post-commit hook or similar. I had searched for similar modules in the Perl::Critic space but found nothing of sorts. Maybe I just didn't look too well?

Anyway, Enjoy.

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