Geo::IP support for IPv6 geolocation

We're currently looking into IPv6-enabling our services. One of the missing bits is being able to geolocate IPv6 client addresses. We're using the MaxMind GeoIP database. The main Perl library for this is Geo::IP.

The current version of Geo::IP out on CPAN, 1.38, does not support IPv6 lookups. I contacted the maintainer of Geo::IP asking for more information. In the meanwhile, I hacked together just enough of IPv6 support to be able to successfully geolocate a test address. Later on, I discovered that IPv6 is already available in the hopefully soon-to-be-released version of Geo::IP archived at Sourceforge.

Let's hope it lands on CPAN soon. In the meantime, if you really really want, you can try out my changes against CPAN v1.38. It was enough for me to start testing the integration with our other code and projects.

My Geo::IP with IPv6 support

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