IPv6 and Perl. What’s the status?

This is more like a request for help than the usual babbling about something. IPv4 address space appears to be almost entirely allocated. IPv6 is there, ready for us to use (more or less).

I'm trying to reserve some time to prepare and test our systems for client and server IPv6 addresses. What is your experience in particular with Perl software? I know almost nothing about it, except there's:

I tried to download and test Net::IPv6Address, but that didn't work, tests fail, and the module is also last updated in 2008… Can you enlighten me on what's the state of the art regarding Perl (but not only, ofc) and IPv6? KTHXBYE.

In the meanwhile, I'll read a bit more on the whole IPv6 matter. First task: write an anonymizer for a IPv6 address.

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