Communities in Action 2010 in Oslo

Last Monday, 10th of May, the regular (Oslo Perl Mongers) meeting was a little special. In fact, there wasn't any meeting, but we went to a free, one evening mini conference sponsored by several norwegian companies: "Communities in Action".

The basic idea was to put together several different communities in the Oslo area, so the conference program was diverse and exciting. There were 7 different tracks. Among them, the most interesting for me, apart from, were:

  • XP (extreme programming, agile, etc…)
  • scalabin (about the scala language)
  • Oslo C++ users group

Other tracks were by the NNUG, Norwegian .NET users group and IASA, some norwegian association about something…

There were a couple of colleagues from Opera, and other guys I know from, but being there alone, I couldn't follow more than one track, so I tried jumping a bit between different rooms. I found the XP talk a bit boring, so I settled on the track. There was a talk on rakudo * by Karl Rune Nilsen and a talk about meta-object programming in Perl vs Ruby by Matt Trout.

Both talks rocked. I think I had attended a very similar rakudo talk before, but the Ruby one was entirely new. It was funny when Matt, just before starting, tried to attract Ruby folks screaming and shouting
throughout the hotel hall :-)

After the conference, a small group of us gathered and headed over to tilt, a nice pub/pinball place, where I ended up making the day record even if I suck at pinballs…

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