Yet another post about Ubiquity

Yeah, sorry, but it's so exciting… :-)

In my development version now I'm able to run unmodified Firefox Ubiquity commands!
Yes, original Firefox Ubiquity JS commands can be run in the Opera version.

That's great! Of course, not all of them can work. Most of the Ubiquity internal objects are mocked, but nonetheless they work. So now I'm going to rewrite the command list as they were pB]native[/B] ubiquity commands and adapt all the code to this new structure.
This is an example of a native Ubiquity command:

  name: "validate",
  icon: "",
  description: "Checks the markup validity of the current Web document",
  preview: "Sends this page to the W3C validator",
  execute: function() {
    var url = "" + Application.activeWindow.activeTab.document.location.href;
    Utils.openUrlInBrowser( url );


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