Ubiquity for Opera

I think Ubiquity is a pretty cool project, probably a bit overrated, but …
I thought it would be nice to try to build something like that for Opera, and learning UserJS along the way.

I managed to get the basics working. Right now, there's only one command, tran-no which takes you to the Google Translate page from Norwegian to English. If you have selected some text before bringing up "Ubiquity" (CTRL + SPACE), then typing tran-no + ENTER will translate that text for you.

Now I was trying to make it replace the text inline inside the page, instead of popping up a new tab with the Google Translate window. It seems that is somewhat harder, especially because the text you select might be broken up in several pieces, like:

This might be <b>your text</b>, so how do you   replace it?

Here it is: ubiquity.js

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