Ubuntu 8.04 and Perl OpenGL extension

Recently, I was trying to install the perl OpenGL module for a fun hack I'm trying to write at home.

There was no way of getting it installed. The compilation didn't succeed. The error message from the compiler was something along the line of:

... /usr/lib/xorg/extensions/glx.so: Undefined symbol GetTimeInMillis ...

Searching on the web held the following result (just 1):

Perl and OpenGL: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=948812

Reading the thread, from last October, it was clear that the author found no solution to this problem. A look at the OpenGL extension, and in particular, to its build script revealed that you can compile and link the OpenGL extension with different GL libraries.

Turns out that Ubuntu works with the FREEGLUT library. Thus, doing:

$ wget http://cpan.perl.org/modules/by-module/OpenGL/OpenGL-0.57.tar.gz
$ tar xzvf OpenGL-0.57.tar.gz
$ cd OpenGL-0.57
$ perl Makefile.PL interface=FREEGLUT
$ make
$ make test
(a small demo application should run...)
$ sudo make install

should build and install the OpenGL extension.
More about my fun project later… It's going to be presented at the Nordic Perl Workshop next April…

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