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My first article on Dev Opera!

This week the DevRel team published my first article on dev.opera.com!

For me this is really great. I remember, before joining Opera, during 2006, when I first considered sending a CV, I was looking at DevOpera. It was full of really high-level technical articles (back then!). I also remember thinking that I'd never be able to have my name on an article there.

Time flies, 4 years in the future, and it's there!. I still think Dev articles are high-level on average nowadays. Not sure about mine though :-), but if you're interested in OAuth, go read it and be sure to post feedback either here or on the article discussion forum. I have tried to avoid really going into the gory details. You can find them in the RFC anyway. Have fun!

My silly twitter OAuth command line client

I had the need to test a new My Opera API module that is soon coming out. Since this module, to be named Net::MyOpera, is modeled exactly after Net::Twitter, I tried changing my example script replacing all Net::MyOpera occurrencies to Net::Twitter. And there you go, a Twitter command line client was born.

I know, there's plenty of them already, and as I said, I didn't really need one, but since it's there already, it's nice to have it. So I saved it into my ~/bin folder, and aliased to tw, so whenever I feel the urge to communicate stupid things to the universe, I can now do that. Ehm wait… :-)

The code is out on Github.

As always, there's a hidden (poor) excuse for this. And it's that I'm working to port this Twitter command line client to Perl6. OAuth support needs a good deal of modules that are not immediately available for Perl6, so it's going to be exciting.

First we're going to need are Digest::SHA1, and Digest::HMAC for the HMAC-SHA1 signatures. These modules are not impossible to write, except currently there's a problem using Parrot libraries from Perl6.

I'm trying to do the same for my Perl6 Digest::MD5 module, but I'm stumbling on the following error:

t/perl5-compat.t ... Null PMC access in find_method('signature')
  in 'Digest::MD5::md5_hex' at line 11:lib/Digest/MD5.pm
  in main program body at line 17:t/perl5-compat.t
t/perl5-compat.t ... Dubious, test returned 1 (wstat 256, 0x100)

I will need some help on this :-)