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Perl client for Etsy statsd, improved and released v0.02 on CPAN

Sometimes bugs reported on the CPAN issue tracker are the perfect excuse to improve your code. In this case, my client module for Etsy statsd service, Net::Statsd, got an update because of this ticket, RT#74172.

As with all my recent CPAN module, when a new bug is filed against it, I try to create a specific test case. Sometimes it's quite hard to do, but this time wasn't, even though I had to refactor the existing code. This allowed me to improve the testability of the code in the process, so thanks to the reporter of that ticket :)

I still haven't managed to test my own code with the statsd service, and hook it up to Graphite. Soon :-)

As usual, code is up on Github:


And on CPAN too:

Have fun!