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embed.ly supports My Opera urls

On My Opera, we started using the OEmbed specification a long time ago. The goal was to provide an easy way to get metadata information, for example from albums or pictures. Example: given a picture URL on My Opera:


we wanted to give our users a way to extract metadata information about that URL in an easy way. That's what OEmbed is about. So you have the following OEmbed API url:


and the result of an HTTP GET to that URL is:

   "width" : "3443",
   "author_name" : "giulia-maria",
   "author_url" : "http://my.opera.com/giulia-maria/",
   "provider_url" : "http://my.opera.com/",
   "version" : "1.0",
   "provider_name" : "My Opera Community",
   "height" : "2293",
   "url" : "http://files.myopera.com/giulia-maria/albums/2721921/DSC_5396.JPG",
   "title" : "April 27, 2010. Pink jasmine or pink lilac?",
   "type" : "photo"

So that gives you some useful metadata if you need to embed the picture in a page of yours, or even within a widget. Various sites have been supporting OEmbed for many years now. You can see a brief list on oembed.com. However, now there's a new service called embed.ly that works as a oembed "hub", as it transparently supports URLs from many different websites.

And that includes My Opera too! Try it here:


or try it with your favourite site.