More Perl 6 development, String::CRC32

A couple of days were plenty enough to whip up a new Perl 6 module, String::CRC32.

This is a straight conversion from the Perl 5 CPAN version of String::CRC32. That one uses some C/XS code though. I wrote the equivalent in Perl 6. Was quite simple actually, once I learned a bit more on numeric bitwise operators.

The classic || and && for bitwise "OR" and "AND" are now written as:

Bitwise OR  '+|'
Bitwise AND '+&'
Bitwise XOR '+^'

So the following code:

$x &&= 0xFF;


$x +&= 0xFF;

The reason behind this is that now there are not only numeric bitwise operators, but also boolean ones. You can read more in the official specification for Perl 6 operators.

You can download the code for the module on Take a look at various other Perl 6 modules on

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